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  • Open on 2015-Sep-29 22:48:55 Open said

    Check out the Japanese noodle shop in the rear of Tensuke Japanese Market in Kenny Center. Just like the moerdn noodle shops where I used to have lunch in Tokyo when I lived there a few years ago. I tried the miso ramen, $6.50, very good and completely authentic. Many other typical, reasonably priced soba and udon bowls. You can also bring in the sushi you get from another window in the market.
  • Nathany on 2015-Oct-08 18:32:13 Nathany said

    Kulan another Somali <a href="">reatsurant</a> on the west side, across Georgesville Rd. from where Sabrina's is located they've been there more than a year (I tend to stay away from brand new places once they've stuck around for a while I figure they're probably pretty decent) and word is that their goat is excellent. (No, I haven't eaten there yet.)
  • Jhanvi on 2015-Oct-08 22:55:33 Jhanvi said

    I recommend Taste of Bali in the Carriage Place shoippng center on the corner of Sawmill & Bethel Rds. Indonesian food, pretty inexpensive, and very tasty. Plus some great super hot and spicy dishes, too, if you like spicy. The Telor Belado (hardboiled, then panfried egg in chili sauce) is an amazing side dish. [url=]kobdslym[/url] [link=]ksinrdbnos[/link]
  • Marylada on 2015-Oct-09 17:38:06 Marylada said

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